The limitations are solely associated with human intervention into the geodynamics and geostructure of the formation. These include: any drilling or any water injection or any other activity related to hydraulic fracturing or multi-stage fracturing, etc. This disrupts the structure of the deposit, and we do not have the ability to identify and account for the waterlogged and non-watered areas. It is extremely difficult to determine man-made deposits with mixed oil. In fact, it is a water-oil mixture in which we cannot determine exactly how much is this an oil, or how much is this the water.

As accurately and reliably as possible, this technology works with naturally deposited resources under the forces of gravity. Normally there is gas in the upper part of the deposit, then there are oil layers, which are sealed with a salt dome, a gas cap, a water dome or a clay dome. And, of course, the underlying part is water.

The less the search area is affected by the production drilling, the higher the chances of reliably determining the boundaries of the mineral deposit.