Among the basic physical principles that make it possible to implement in practice the method of resonant search for minerals are, first of all, the phenomenon of nuclear magnetic resonance, the Kirlian effect, as well as the phenomenon of energy-informational transfer of characteristic radiation of substances to other carriers.

These physical principles and phenomena are used during the next stages of exploration work:

  • Obtaining space images of the required territories and their additional illumination with resonant characteristic signals;
  • Narrowly focused deep sounding of mineral deposits by characteristic signals generated by field equipment directly on the surveyed area;
  • Processing of resonant signals coming to the satellite and field equipment from the entire volume of the desired mineral deposits

Minerals Spectrum Survey technology identifies minerals’ deposits with extremely high accuracy by their information and energy spectra. Our remote sounding method opens new opportunities to oil and gas, mining industries and science society.

Minerals Spectrum Survey remote sounding method is an advanced and innovative technology for the Earth exploration from the space to identify and delineate deposits of hydrocarbons, groundwaters, iron ore, diamonds and other Earth minerals.

The remote sounding process is the study of the interaction between the targeted substances and generated energy. All types of underground minerals and formed deposits generate energy and leave very specific information and energy spectrum signatures, which can be registered by satellite images.

Defining the boundaries of minerals on the ground surface by reading the characteristic information and energy spectrum of metal and non-metal atoms is performed on the satellite images after applying on them special gels with organometallic nanomaterials and their exposure in radiation fields of stationary research nuclear reactor.

The determination of minerals anomalies is carried out by our team of scientists and geophysicists with the help of remote sensing means to decode satellite images by stationary equipment using patented radiation and chemical technologies to visualize the boundaries of the promising anomalies.

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