Recording above the deposit the recognizing resonance-frequency spectra of electromagnetic fields arising from NMR excitation of atoms of reference elements that are part of a mineral (rock).
Field work is carried out using a mobile set of equipment which is calibrated at stationary conditions.
Examining continuity of anomalies, clarifying their boundaries, determining coordinates of points located at the boundaries of anomalies contours by resonance-test excitation of atoms of the desired substances and registering emerging resonant electromagnetic fields above them.
Performing a series of measurements in identified anomalies (depths of reservoirs and hydrocarbon horizons, their capacities, reservoir rock types, their porosity, gas pressures etc.).
Selecting a point for well drilling, performing assessment of depths for exploratory wells, collecting data for assessment of resources.
Lead time is 6 months.
The accuracy of obtaining geological characteristics of prospective anomaly is 80-95%, depending on survey minerals.

Source Mineral – Spectrum